Free Coronavirus Screening
Careexpand wants to contribute to keep people at home and avoid exposure by making our Covid-19 application available for free
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Free Coronavirus Screening
Avoid exposure! Stay safe at home and use our free Covid-19 screening and monitoring system
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Latest studies suggest that about 80% of patients with COVID-19 exhibit mild to moderate symptoms

Get screened for Coronavirus and track symptoms automatically

The CDC indicates that prompt triage and surveillance of patients  remotely will significantly minimize the burden on healthcare facilities and reduce the risk of further spreading. By doing early screening, we are also able to map the symptoms and provide better information to clinicians in case the disease strikes.

Just 20% of Covid-19 patients had conditions serious enough to require hospitalization. The rest can recover comfortably at home.

Access a doctor from your home

Patients with similar symptoms, but who do not actually have Covid-19, can get reassurance without having to visit their doctors physically. Even patients that contract Covid-19 without major complications and recover at home can have peace of mind from a doctor on call, ready to talk to them.

Constant Remote Monitoring can avoid unnecessary visits, and also offers the possibility of capturing undetected complications

Track your progress and get the Covid-19 test if you need it*.

Covid-19 comes on gradually, but can progress very quickly and the need for the test can arrive suddenly. We assign a comprehensive score every day so your doctor can easily understand the evolution of the disease.
*subject to local guidelines

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Disease scoring brings clarity.
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